101 Things about Us

1. We were both home schooled all the way until college.
2. We are exactly 3 months apart.
3. Amber is older.
4. We met when we were 19.
5. We got married when we were 21.
6. Our wedding was at 6 a.m.
7. Over 200 people showed up for the wedding.
8. Jared is one of seven children.
9. Amber is one of eight.
10. Jared is the middle child.
11. Amber is the second oldest.
12. We are both from Missouri.
13. We share a love for cars.
14. Our love for cars is how we met.
15. We both grew up without a television in the home.
16. We love camping, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and snowboarding.
17. Jared proposed while we were snowboarding in Colorado.
18. We would love to live in Colorado some day.
19. We both love cool weather.
20. We love to travel.
21. Jared is an excellent chef.
22. Jared specializes in grilling.
23. Amber loves breakfast.
24. Amber specializes in cooking breakfast… In the morning and in the evening.
25. Amber is a morning person.
26. Jared is a night owl.
27. Our favorite drink is water.
28. Our second favorite is coffee.
29. French press coffee.
30. And espresso.
31. And anything you can make with an espresso machine.
32. Jared could be in the barista hall of fame…if ever there were such a thing.
33. Jared loves motorcycles.
34. Amber loves riding behind Jared on a motorcycle.
35. Amber is a former boxer.
36. Jared loves mountain biking.
37. Both of us were servers in college.
38. Our last name is English.
39. We both became English teachers.
40. Neither of us majored in English.
41. Jared got his degree in Graphic Arts.
42. Amber got her Master’s in Health Promotion and Wellness Management.
43. We don’t know what we want to be when we grow up.
44. Jared doesn’t like sweet things.
45. Amber loves sweets.
46. Amber went four years without eating refined sugar.
47. Jared has probably done this without trying.
48. Jared loves Apple (the brand).
49. Anything Apple.
50. Amber loves Jared and thus loves Apple.
51. We both want kids someday.
52. Jared wants them when he is 28.
53. Amber wants them when she is 27.
54. God wants us to have kids when we are______.
55. We also want to adopt.
56. We are going to home school our children.
57. Jared wants two kids.
58. Amber wants four.
59. Jared wants a pet gecko.
60. Amber wants an airplane.
61. Jared does not like having his back scratched.
62. Amber loves it when Jared rubs her head.
63. We both watched Titanic for the first time in 2012.
64. We love the show The Office.
65. Amber had never watched a TV show before Jared introduced her to The Office.
66. Jared is very social.
67. Amber is not.
68. Jared loves fishing.
69. Amber loves hunting.
70. Jared loves baseball.
71. Amber loves football.
72. Amber’s favorite city is Rome, Italy.
73. Jared’s least favorite visited city is Rome, Italy (he was sick when he went there).
74. We have not been to Rome together.
75. Amber is convinced going together will change Jared’s perspective.
76. We both love the ocean.
77. But we love the mountains more.
78. Missouri has neither mountains or ocean.
79. It doesn’t need it.
80. It has something much better.
81. Our family.
82. Missouri is our home, and it always will be.
83. No matter where we live.
84. We both love wood stoves.
85. And small homes.
86. We are both light packers.
87. We only pack carry-ons; even when traveling on an international trip.
88. Our backpacks are our carry-ons.
89. We both enjoy photography.
90. Jared is good at photography.
91. Amber is trying to pick it up.
92. Amber loves art.
93. And crafting.
94. And anything craft related.
95. Jared is a graphic artist.
96. To him art is work.
97. Enjoyable work.
98. Amber loves being Jared’s wife.
99. Jared loves calling Amber his wife.
100. Jared and Amber are best friends.
101. They always will be.


We hope you enjoy these random facts about us… Another fact is that we stole this idea from Jared’s sister Candace. Check out her blog page 101 Things About Me.


18 thoughts on “101 Things about Us

  1. Amber, love the post! Miss you!! It looks like you are having an amazing time in Korea! It looks like you are “nested” and enjoying yourself. Your ability to adjust so quickly amazes me! Have a wonderful day! Hugs from Oklahoma, USA!–Tamara

  2. I so love that the two of you are together and living and experiencing life to the max that you have the oppertunity! I love your mutual plans and desires for your future. I love reading your post and love you both too!

  3. If you can’t manage to agree on Rome – try Venice and Firenze – in winter with no tourists around ! Milano and Ferrara are also great, with magic spots: palazzo diamandi with a de chirico museum, Michelangelo chapel with funny drawing studies about toes, synagogues and: una altera cappuccino , prego !

  4. How cool is this? I may try this “101 Things About Me.” Thank you for visiting my blog, but more so, thank you for introducing me to YOURS! I am about to be a teacher as well, but I am on the opposite side of the curriculum (math). Have fun in Korea! I’m sure by now you both would have realized how rich and interesting Korean culture is. That country is on my list. Anyway, thanks again 🙂

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