A Visual Tour of Our Apartment

{Written by Amber}

Upon our arrival in Korea, we were picked up by the school owner at the airport in Busan, and driven to our apartment in Goeje (about a 45 minute drive). The school owner did a great job in picking out a very nice apartment for us. Normally, foreign teachers get a very small studio apartment to live in… but since we were a couple, he picked out a two-bedroom apartment for us. It is located about a block and a half from the school (a 5 minute walk!). We are very blessed to be so close.

When we arrived, our apartment was quite bare. It was furnished with a kitchen table, two chairs, a bed with a comforter and pillows, a TV and stand, and a washing machine. We lacked a few essentials including toilet paper, eating utensils, dishes, and food. However, we were exhausted and fell asleep immediately. The next morning Jared went to a small convenience store and bought the following items…


We have slowly added items to our refrigerator and cabinets. Our most exciting find has been our large brown leather couch. You see, Koreans do not like to re-use things. And when I say “things,” I mean furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc. So, if you are willing to drive around town and “dumpster dive,” you can basically furnish your apartment for free!

Okay, with that being said, here goes the tour of our apartment!

As you enter through the front door, there is a entry-way with a built-in shoe cabinet. Koreans never wear outdoor shoes in a home, so before entering you must remove your shoes (thus making slip-on shoes very desirable!).


Our front door leads you into our living room (notice the nice couch!).


Oh, Koreans are all into wallpaper… So, as we show you around, I will also show you close-up shots of our wallpaper. We actually lucked out with the wallpaper in the living room… nice mild colors that are pleasing to the eye.


Our bathroom is located to the left of the entrance as you walk in. As you can see, the shower is attached to the sink and there is nothing separating it from the rest of the bathroom. So, with every shower comes a complete bathroom rinsing as well.


In Korea, heating and hot water are only used when necessary. So in the morning when we wake up, we have to remember to turn on the hot water before taking a shower. Otherwise we get an icy-cold awakening. Also, there are no vents for heating and air. Korean homes are heated via circulating hot water under the floors. Since gas is very expensive, we do not turn our heat on often. Thankfully the neighbors above and below us have theirs on often, and their heat warms our house.

This is the unit we use to turn on our heat or hot water.


Here is our kitchen. We have a full size refrigerator, which isn’t always common in Korea.


Our dish rack hangs above our sink (saving counter space). Koreans are very resourceful with their space. (As you can see, we now have dishes, utensils, and some pans.)


To the left of the kitchen is our second bedroom, which we have converted to our make-shift closet until we find something to keep our clothes in.



Check out the awesome wallpaper in our room!



Well, that’s the end of the tour! We just got our cameras out today, so more picture of our life over here will be coming soon.


9 thoughts on “A Visual Tour of Our Apartment

  1. It was neat to see where you live! So, I’m curious- how did you haul the couch (which is very cool) to your apartment?
    And the bathroom…is there a drain in the floor that you shower over? That is so fascinating!

    • That is a great question! Some friends of ours actually spotted it and told us about it. They have a little car so we just put the couch on top of the car and drove all the way back… yes, that was as interesting as it sounds!

      Yes, there is a drain on the bathroom floor. The entire bathroom is literally your shower. This has its ups and downs. The plus side is that the bathroom gets cleaned just about everyday, but the down side is that the floor is always wet, along with the toilet, etc.

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