Crafting Time

{Written by Amber}

It was only a month ago that Jared and I were packing up our apartment and getting ready to move across the globe. The hardest part for me to pack up was my crafting nook. Whenever I had free time (which was next to none), I would burry myself in that nook while making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, cards, a painting, or just creatively wrapping a present. I asked Jared several times if I could take my treasured crafting collecting to Korea, but we both knew our necessities (clothes, cosmetics, etc.) would nearly max out the 50 lb. weight limit for checked bags… All I could do was hope I would find something to keep me entertained while halfway across the world.

God did not leave me hanging… In fact, He had a big surprise waiting for me over here in Korea–my dear friend and crafting buddy Amanda Grove (check out her blog, it’s pretty amazing!). Little did I know when I arrived that my co-worker was a talented crafter, photographer, and artist. Not only did her and her husband play a huge role in helping Jared and I get settled in and accustomed to the Korean culture, but she also introduced me to the craft stores over here. Need I say more? I am already feeling more at home! Amanda and I have taken a few trips to the craft store(s) and we have made some successful purchases.

We had a great time tonight gluing paper together, stitching, and sipping on tea.











9 thoughts on “Crafting Time

  1. That craft store is amazing… and you make beautiful cards out of the supplies! I especially love the quilted/stitched ones. Looks like you spent a lot of time on them.

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