More Home Findings

{Written by Amber}

We have good news! Jared spotted some furniture on the side of the road as he was walking to work the other day. On the way home we stopped by to investigate what the Koreans were throwing away this time. Up until this point, Jared and I were still using the floor of our spare bedroom as a closet. We were delighted to find several nice closet-like cases, a sound system, and a book shelf! Since it was only the two of us, and our only means of transportation at the moment were our legs, we decided to go with the smaller closet and the book shelf. After a little bit of huffing and puffing, we had two nice additions sitting in our apartment.

It was so nice finally having our clothes off the floor!




Jared was pretty pleased with the sound system find.



We were also able to buy a toaster oven from a couple who were getting ready to leave Korea.


With a couple of pillows here and pot holders there, we are making our apartment feel more and more like home.



We still don’t have a computer, but we are getting by with our iPads…. and as of yesterday, our new iPhones (our early Birthday presents to each other).


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