How We Met & The Green Bean

{Written by Amber}

Yes, as promised, here is the post. Jared and I have a car, and not just any car, we have the Green Bean! If this name does not make sense to you, take a moment and read the following paragraphs. For those of you who know exactly why we chose this car and name, feel free to skip down and check it out.

This may sound strange, but our vehicles are kind of the reason Jared and I started dating… Well, I should say, it all started with my vehicle (I have an ’82 Datsun 280ZX). I had recently gone on a coffee date with my friend Stephanie (Jared’s co-worker), when she decided to hook Jared and I up… Her method? My car.

The next day at work:

“Jared, I just went on a coffee date with my friend Amber, and she has this really cool Datsun! You should ask her to show it to you. Here’s her number…” Five minutes later, “Hey Amber, do you remember Jared? Well he loves old cars and I told him about yours. He really wants to see it. I fact, he gets off work at 4pm… Here’s his number…”

Well, of course I showed up. How could I pass up an opportunity to show her off? You’ve got to admit, she really is something.




He must have been impressed because a few weeks later he sent me a card with this picture on it inviting me to Spring Formal with him in his vehicle: The Bean. A ’99 Hyundai Accent. It may not look like much, but this baby averaged 40 miles to the gallon. It was so basic it didn’t even have power steering.


Well, what can I say? I was hooked.

The Bean made many road trips across the country, it endured Jared’s driving on roads or off-roads, on four-wheeler trails, and through creeks. Actually, my brother Ethan was so impressed with the Bean that he bought a newer Hyundai Accent and named it the Bean 2.0. During grad school, I commuted to Springfield (nearly an hour commute) everyday in the Bean… We put 70 thousand miles on that car, and it still ran like new when we sold it to my youngest brother Grant before moving to Korea.

Just to give you a taste of what Beans are capable of, here’s a snap of an adventure in the Bean 2.0


Yes, we did sell the Bean (of course, we kept it in the family), but Korea couldn’t keep us away from a Bean for long… After piles of paper work, insurance hassles, and other loop-holes, we are the proud owners of the Green Bean. Most importantly, it is a manual (uncommon in Korea), just like our other Bean. The only real differences are that this one is a 4-door, and it has power steering as well as power windows.


Well, there you have it. The Green Bean. Korean Style.


6 thoughts on “How We Met & The Green Bean

  1. Well I have to admit that hunk of junk you left behind is winning my heart over. I think everything on the bean has been abused at one time, and it keeps humming right along at 40 mpg. I find myself driving it and leaving the luxury car at home! Who would have thought….

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