A Korean Craft Store

{Written by Amber}

Yes, it is great that Koreans enjoy crafting… but more importantly, this seems to be the one department that isn’t over priced. Walking into a craft store in Korea is much different than your typical Michael’s or Hobby Lobby store. The first thing you notice is the overwhelming amount of stuff. Everywhere. They do a great job of keeping all of the paper in one place, but that’s about it. If you want painting supplies, you’ll find the paint in one corner, and the canvas’ on another floor. Jewelry making? You’d be able to collect what you need if you spent an hour or two exploring every isle.

Below are some snap shots to give you a visual experience. This particular craft store is quite large (the biggest I’ve been to yet). My favorite thing about this one is that most of their items have a price tag. I don’t know why, but many Korean stores don’t have prices on their items… You just sort of guess, and hope you’re not getting ripped off. I have found that the non-priced craft stores have similar prices, but it’s nice knowing ahead of time how much the bill is going to be.


This is the second floor; the floor that I spend the most time on… Downstairs is mostly filled with office supplies, and other random items.



These large, double-sided pieces of paper are great. They are similar to American scrapbook paper, except four times bigger….and only $0.60 a piece.


This is the traditional paper section (sorry for the unclear picture, I’m operating off of my phones camera until we get a computer). The traditional papers, or hanji, are basically large sheets of decorative handmade paper. Traditional papers come in various ranges of thickness, texture, color, pattern, and design. I use them for wrapping presents, or making cards. These sheets range from $1.00-2.00 a piece.


They have every kind of paper imaginable…



They have oil, acrylic, water color, and regular craft paints.


I still find new things in these isles.




They dare not waste precious stairway space.


This is a snap of the first floor.


Of course, I came home with a few more items to add to my supplies (Thanks for sending me on this trip Candace!). But, I cannot complain since these items came to just $4.00.



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    • Thanks, Candace! Hey, I was looking at your blog, and I really like how you have all of your previous posts on your sidebar. I have my “archives” but it only shows the months, and not individual posts… It that because of my template, or did you do something special?

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