Our Spare Room

{Written by Amber}

Yes, this post is about some furnishings we found for our spare room, but I will first back up and explain why we went scavenging for furniture in the first place.

Well, we are happy to announce that we are… getting a computer! Without a computer, we haven’t been able to watch movies, and I’ve been stuck doing all blog entries on my phone or iPad. I also haven’t been able to use my camera because I have no way of downloading the pictures. The pictures I do post are taken on my phone, and then emailed to my iPad where I can touch-write and compose the entries. It has been a pain, so we are very excited about this! Since we both have iPads, we decided to get a Mac Mini to replace the MacBook. Well, getting a new computer does mean buying a new computer, and nobody wants to do that, right?

Thankfully, we didn’t have to. Last year, Jared and I had accumulated quite a few credit card bonus points. (The year before we used our points to get free, round-trip flights the Dominican Republic.) After investigating our point situation, Jared discovered that we had more than enough points to get us a new Mac Mini, a Mac mouse and keyboard, 16 gigs of RAM, and a LifeProof iPhone case. After all was said and done, we still had extra points left over. With just the price of shipping, we are getting a whole new computer set up plus a phone case. What a blessing!

With that being said, we decided to drive around town to see if any Koreans were moving out of their apartment and leaving a desk behind. It was definitely our lucky day. At the first place we stopped, we found a vanity table. We drove to another set of apartments and picked up a really nice oak bedside table. At the next stop we found a nearly new leather Odin Sofa lounge chair. At this point, our car was packed beyond the roof, literally. Even though we didn’t find a desk, we were more than happy with the items we did find.

And yes, we drove across town with that on our car. Jared held onto one side and I held onto the other. Our hands nearly froze off, but we made it back!

What’s a bonus to driving around with a giant chair on top of your car with no straps holding it down? No one tailgates you.


The chair and bedside table really brought our spare room together.


With my vanity table all set up, I finally have a proper place to keep my hair dryer and straightener (I had been keeping them on top of our refrigerator). Oh, I can also put my make up on without the bottom of my pants getting wet (since our bathroom is literally our shower, the floor is always wet!).



10 thoughts on “Our Spare Room

  1. I am having the best time following your blog! 🙂 It still amazes me that Koreans throw out such awesome furniture! I especially love that lounger chair….

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