Amber’s Fluffy Hot Cocoa

{Written by Amber}

Well, with all of this cold weather… Actually, hasn’t been that cold here, but after reading on Facebook about the ice/snow storms back in Missouri, I instantly started craving some hot chocolate!

I decided to experiment and make up my own version of hot cocoa… And boy did it turn out good! My friend Amanda recently showed me how to make lattes using a French press! (Click here for her directions.) I decided to tweak her idea a little to make some amazing, fluffy hot cocoa.

What you need (makes one serving):
A French press
3/4 cup water
2T cocoa powder
1/2 cup milk
Your desired form of sweetener (sugar, honey, agave, etc.)

Heat your water until it boils.

Meanwhile, heat your milk to about 150F. Remove your milk from the heat and stir in your sweetener. Let it sit for a few minutes.

Pour your water into a mug and slowly stir in your cocoa.

Pour your milk into your French press.

To froth the milk, quickly move the French press handle up and down until the milk is fluffy and about double in size.

If you want to be a little “artsy,” slowly pour the milk into the cocoa water on the backside of the cup.

This will allow some brown color to remain on top.

Now, take a toothpick or the end of a spoon and zigzag through the white and brown line…. And come back a swipe a quick line right through your “zigzag.”

There you go! A fluffy hot cocoa latte that tastes as good as it looks!


I hope some of you are able to try this and that it warm up your day. Let me know how it goes when you do!


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