It Arrived

{Written by Amber}

Well folks, thanks to my dear mother, we finally have a computer! Jared had the Mac Mini sent to my Mom, and she sent the package over to us (and she even surprised us with a few goodies!).


Jared is ecstatic about his new computer. And, I’m excited about what we will be able to do with the blog with this sweet new set up! So, be prepared for a few upcoming changes.

What part of the package was I most excited about? My wonderful mother bought me some oil paints! Yes, you can get oil paints in Korea, but these aren’t just regular oil paints. They are water mixable oil paints which mean you can do all of your clean up with just water! To say the least, I’m very excited about getting into some painting while I’m over here.



7 thoughts on “It Arrived

  1. Yes for getting your computer! Did it take a long time to arrive?
    That’s so sweet she packed some other treats in there as well, they look like just the kind of things that you need when living abroad. 🙂

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