Paper Flowers

{Written by Amber}

Ethan and Sandra Lagerquist (some friends from back home who are also in teaching in Korea) came down to visit us for the weekend. (It was so much fun hanging out with everybody!)

On Saturday, we decided to have a “girls night” at our place (the guys got together at the Grove’s). Amanda had the great idea to have a crafting party and make paper flowers. I had never made flowers before, but let me just say–it was so much fun!

Looking back, I really wish I had taken pictures during the event. Sadly, I didn’t think of taking pictures until today… Oh well.

If you recall the wallpaper in our living room (see below), it is fairly mild with mostly neutral tones. I kept this in mind when I was paper shopping at the craft store. IMG_0743 Some creamy-white flowers mixed with burlap-tan.IMG_0758 Splashes of peach…IMG_0757IMG_0752 I also took some wire and twirled it around a pen to make spirals.IMG_0759 I mixed them all together, and… came up with the final result. IMG_0768IMG_0765 Well, that was my first flower-making experience… And I’m pretty sure it won’t be my last!

Wouldn’t this be fun to do for a wedding?


22 thoughts on “Paper Flowers

    • You should have a girls party and do it with friends, family or maybe bridesmaids!? I know I would have loved to do something like this to help a friend with wedding stuff!

  1. I love this! Mom had bought me a kit when I was younger on how to make paper flowers and I used to decorate my bedroom with them. Best part is the worst you are at cutting the paper out normally the better the flowers look. The Sweat Pea flowers were always my favorite to make.

  2. great job Amber! very daring, i dont think im crafty enough as yet (& im pretty crafty lol). outside of wedding ideas, i’ve heard of “craft parties” just like your girls night! turned out perfectly peachy–thank you for sharing!

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