Our Korean Bumper Sticker

{Written by Amber}

When we bought the Green Bean (a.k.a. our Hyundai Accent) it came with a few extra perks, such as a really nice sound system (which Jared absolutely loves)…and a few bumper stickers…

Such as the one below:

What do you see? A baby crying, right? With this in our heads, we hypothesized that it was a “Baby on Board” sticker. Due to the large amount of crazy (and by crazy, I mean absolutely terrible) Korean drivers, we thought it was a good idea to leave it on our window with the hopes that Koreans would drive nicer while they were around our car.

[Side note: We have been driving around Korea for over a month now.]

Well, as Jared was visiting with one of our Korean friends this morning, she asked him if he knew what our bumper sticker said… Um, baby on board?

She went on to explain that the bumper sticker was basically warning other drivers that you are a really bad driver, and to watch out! The crying baby means that you are sad you aren’t a good driver. She said it was kind of an embarrassing bumper sticker to have on a car. Oops… Well, that option definitely hadn’t crossed our minds!

So the big question remains… Do we leave it on, or take it off?


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