Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

On Friday, we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at our school, and the kids absolutely loved it! Our director, Julie, does a fantastic job of incorporating “English” traditions and holidays into our school’s program (St. Patrick’s Day, among many other Western holidays, is not celebrated in Korea).

Not only did the kids get to make green cookies and hats, but they also got to do a photo shoot! And, of course, Jared and I love any opportunity to take pictures with some of the cutest, smartest, and most adorable kids we know.

Below is a picture of Jared’s Red Team. They are brand new Kindergartners (5 year-olds) who have only been here since the beginning of March. When they first came, they couldn’t speak a word of English. Jared has diligently been working with them for the past few weeks, and they are now able to understand key words and phrases…and soon, they will be able to engage in full conversation. These little guys are like sponges; they soak up everything you teach them.

This is Jared’s Yellow Team. They are 5 years old as well, but they started the program last year and they fluently speak English. 20130316-005556.jpg

Meet Rina from the Red Team. 20130316-005633.jpg

These are my guys, the Pink Team. They are brand new four year olds, and they are the cutest little guys I have ever laid eyes on.20130316-012844.jpg
This is Olivia from my Pink Team. 20130316-005654.jpg

This is June; isn’t he cute! 20130316-005707.jpg

This is Daniel… Yes, he is as mischievous as he looks! 20130316-005712.jpg

And once again, this is the Yellow Team… Right before class. Now, I was asking myself the same question… Since when did a 5 year old learn to pose like that?! 20130316-005718.jpg

Our wonderful boss, Julie. 20130317-110741.jpg


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