Kimchijjigae, the Beach, and Sea Glass!

We had such a great weekend! Although it started out rainy, it took several pleasant turns.

On Saturday, we had some of our co-workers over to “hang out.” However, when we mentioned that we wanted to try more traditional Korean food, one of them suggested teaching us how to make a few dishes. To say the least, we were over joyed. (Below, Tarria is showing us how to properly cut and store our kimchi.)


They taught us how to properly use our rice cooker, and they taught us how to make kimchijjigae. Kimchijjigae is a delicious kimchi soup. What a great way to brighten a rainy day!


Our co-workers and dear friends, Tarria and Aileen.


By Sunday morning, the sun was shining. We had planned on going to the Cherry Blossom Festival, but unfortunately the rain had knocked most of the cherry blossoms off the trees. We then decided to head to the pebble beach to enjoy being outside. Derik and Amanda grabbed their grill, and we had a BBQ.





Not only was the food and company amazing, but Amanda introduced me to collecting sea glass.


I’ve started playing around with ways to turn my sea glass into jewelry pieces. (I’ll post more about that soon!)



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