Mountain Bikes!

We ordered mountain bikes last week from a local bike shop, and they finally came in! We took them for a spin today and we were not disappointed.

Our Mountain Bikes

A couple of months ago, we had hiked up the tallest mountain (that we know of) in Geoje. While we were on top, we saw some bikers coming up on a trail from the other side of the mountain… Well, that made an impression on us and today we set out to find that trail.

Having Fun

We pressed “start” on Map My Ride (an app for biking) and we headed in the direction of the mountain, and then took a random side trail. At the beginning of the trail, there was a sign that said 4km. We were already a good quarter of the way up the mountain and we decided to see where this trail would lead. A bit further up (up as in steep) the trail we see another sign: 6km. Hmm… we definitely were expecting the numbers to go down, not up! By this time we were realizing that we might have just found our trail–and the numbers were telling us how far up the mountain  we had gone. We peddled, and peddled, and peddled some more… up, up, up… until we caught sight of our destination–the top. We were also greeted with the view of at least a dozen paragliders hovering near the top of the mountain. As we continued our climb, we came upon a paraglider which was getting ready to take off! I quickly snatched out my handy phone and captured this clip.



We got back on the road to climb the final stretch!

We Made It! Paraglider

Fresh Air Together

We accomplished what we had set out to do, and it turned out to be one of the best times we’ve ever had together. Without further ado, we are officially mountain bikers (at least in my book).

We Conquered

When we got back home, we were curious to see the stats that Map My Ride had collected.

Distance: 9.19 miles

Elevation Climbed: 2,792 feet

Calories Burned: 779

It took us about two hours, but that was with stopping for pictures and enjoying the scenery on top.

After the Ride

To say the least, we are both extremely happy with our bikes. We will definitely be putting them to good use over the summer. We made the decision to buy bikes so that we could have an enjoyable way to exercise together. Jared has always been a bike enthusiast, and I am proud to say that I’m becoming one too.

What do you think–should paragliding be next?


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