The Travel Bucket List

We’ve each had our own bucket lists, but we’ve never actually complied an extensive bucket list together. Well, since we are currently fulfilling one of our bucket list items (to live in another country), we decided it was about time compile our Travel Bucket List.

  1. Live in another country (South Korea: January ’13 – March ’14)
  2. Step foot on every continent (yes, even Antarctica)
  3. Go backpacking in Europe (Summer, 2014)
  4. Explore Rome together
  5. Climb Kilimanjaro
  6. Go camping in Croatia
  7. Explore and travel through South America
  8. See the Nile river
  9. Go Bungee Jumping off a bridge (Nepal, May 2014)
  10. Take a road trip across South Korea (2013)
  11. Go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef
  12. Explore the Temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia (March, 2014)
  13. See the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  14. Go to Venice, together
  15. Visit the Taj Mahal, India (May, 2014)
  16. Walk along the Amalfi Coast, Italy
  17. Cross through the Panama Canal
  18. Go sky diving anywhere, together
  19. Go to Rio, Brazil
  20. Walk through ancient Thebes, Egypt
  21. Volunteer at a non-profit organization in another country. (March-April 2014)
  22. Take our picture in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
  23. Visit the Acropolis of Athens, Greece (June, 2013)
  24. Relax on a beach in the Dominican Republic (January 2012)
  25. Cruise through the Halong Bay cliffs, Vietnam (March 2014)
  26. Explore an unrestored section of the Great Wall, China (March, 2014)
  27. Relax on a beach in Bali
  28. Tour Jeju Island, South Korea (February 2014)
  29. Go snowboarding in the Alps, Switzerland
  30. Explore New Zealand
  31. Go mountain biking in Colorado, USA
  32. Take pictures in front of the Sydney Opera House, Australia
  33. Sun-bathe in the Philippians
  34. Hear Big Ben chime, England (June, 2014)
  35. Walk into an airport and buy tickets to a random destination
  36. Walk the streets of Hong Kong (March 2014)
  37. See a penguin in Antarctica
  38. Explore a village in Jamaica (January, 2013)
  39. Walk on the Mount of Olives, Israel
  40. Travel to over 50 countries
  41. Go white water kayaking in Colorado
  42. Drink coffee in Seattle
  43. Explore Tunisia, together
  44. Take a tour of the inside of the Colosseum, Rome
  45. See the Potala Palace, Tibet
  46. See the Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey (June, 2014)
  47. Walk on a beach in Honduras (July, 2011)
  48. Volunteer at a Children’s Home (Bykota House, Cambodia, March to April 2014)
  49. Gaze in awe at St. Basil’s Cathedral, Russia
  50. Go on an African Safari
  51. Sleep in a capsule hotel (Japan, January 2014)
  52. Take a road (or train) trip across Canada
  53. Go island hopping in Greece (June, 2014)
  54. Experience Spanish culture in Madrid, Spain
  55. Buy cheese in Denmark
  56. Swim in the Dead Sea
  57. Rent scooters in Cozumel, Mexico (July, 2011 & January 2013)
  58. Trek to the Everest Base Camp, Nepal (Spring 2014)
  59. Visit Stonehenge, England (June, 2014)
  60. Use hitch hiking as our main transportation on a trip
  61. Explore New York City, together
  62. Walk the beaches of Hawaii
  63. Walk bare-footed in Ireland
  64. Go snorkeling in Grand Cayman (July, 2011)
  65. Float and hike through the Grand Canyon, USA
  66. See the White Cliffs of Dover, England
  67. Step foot in all 50 States
  68. Travel to Belize (July, 2011)
  69. Go snowboarding in New Zealand
  70. Buy a cuckoo clock in Germany
  71. Kiss on the Eiffel Tower, France
  72. Explore the beautiful country of Croatia
  73. Eat a Belgium Waffle in Belgium
  74. Touch a glacier in Alaska, together
  75. Spend a whole month in Europe (Summer 2014)
  76. Go to Niagara Falls, Canada
  77. Visit Seoraksan National Park, South Korea (2013, twice!)
  78. Go backpacking in Colorado

I’m sure we’ll be adding more to our list as the years go on, but I think we are off to a good start!

What’s on your bucket list?

Bucket List


9 thoughts on “The Travel Bucket List

  1. Good list!
    Did you like Belize? I actually know someone that owns a beach bar there, so I’ve been thinking about visiting.
    And I don’t know that I’ve ever actually met you but I’ve known Jared since he was a baby :).

  2. Well, you have some great times ahead of you. A few things on my list are: serve for a few days at one of Mother Teresa’s missions in India, take a train trip through Canada and Alaska, do missions work in Africa, go on a Safari in Africa, spend several weeks in Israel, explore Machu Picchu, relax in Bali… We should do some of our bucket listr trips as a family!

    • That’s so awesome!! I didn’t realize you had all of those on your list. If I were doing a personal list, I’d definitely have Mother Teresa’s mission on there. I really hope we can go to Bali together!! That would be incredible! And, we need to do a trip across Canada with the whole family!!

  3. LOVE your bucket list…(again you have inspired me to make one for myself)
    I’ve done a few of the things you hope to:
    1. Lived in foreign country: New Zealand
    15. Explored Rio…all over
    22. Went ALL over NZ, both islands
    23. Did take a photo of the Opera House in Sydney
    25. Heard Big Ben chime…so cool.
    38. Spanish culture, but on the Costa Brava, wine country …not Madrid
    43. Saw Stonehenge (but was super jet lagged). It was literally the first thing I did after getting picked up at Heathrow by a friend who lives there.
    44. NYC…twice! The whole city…”Sex and the City” style…in my 30’s with best girlfriends
    46. Beaches..Hawaii….4 of the islands…many times (I’m a Californian)
    50. White Cliffs of Dover…days after Stonehenge
    55. Eiffel Tower…I kissed on it (does that count?) but not kissed IT. I would if I had the chance again, I love it (the tower) so much!

    I didn’t hear anything about the Caribbean….That beautiful part of the world is MY favorite besides Europe. Happy future travels. Debra

    • Wow, you’ve been very adventurous yourself Debra! I absolutely LOVE the Carribbean, and we’ve been on multiple trips there. I guess I was on a Europe kick when I made my list and forgot to include some things. I’d love to see your bucket list someday!

  4. @Jared and Amber: Wow! That’s a lot of places to visit and worthwhile things to do. Thanks for sharing this. I too have some bucket list of things to do and places to visit, but as of right now, It really pays to be more contented.

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