Buying and Eating Cuttlefish

What in the World is a Cuttlefish? A cuttlefish belongs to the squid/octopus family. They are unique because they have a “cuttlebone” on their back, which serves as a form of armor for them. The Korean word for cuttlefish actually translates “armored squid.”

Watch this 2 minute Discovery Special on Cuttlefish!

Jared has a fetish for all unique creatures. He had been eyeing the Cuttlefish at the market, but I never realized where his obsession was leading until he surprised me by showing up at our work just before I got off (I get off an hour later than him on Thursdays). “Let’s go to the market and buy a Cuttlefish to eat!” Well, this caught me off guard… Uh, okay?

Our dear friend and co-worker Tarria offered to help us through the process of buying one in the market, and showing us how to cook one.

Within five minutes, we were heading out on our cuttlefish adventure! We quickly found a lady who was selling these unique sea creatures, and we bought two of them. Much to our delight, she cut and cleaned them for us… I was really glad we didn’t have to do that part!

Wow, that’s what you call fresh!

Buying CuttlefishBuying Cuttlefish

When we came back to our place, Jared and Tarria began the process of cleaning, cutting, and removing the skin.

Preparing CuttlefishPreparing CuttlefishPreparing Cuttlefish

I enthusiastically volunteered to start the rice, do the dishes, and whatever else I could find to be helpful.

Korean Rice CookerPreparing CuttlefishChopped Cuttlefish

Tarria made a pepper paste sauce that she mixed in with the Cuttlefish.

Preparing Cuttlefish SauceCooking CuttlefishCooking Cuttlefish

With a little bit or stirring on the stove, our meal was prepared!

Cooking CuttlefishEating Cuttlefish

I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous about trying this strange sea creature… but weather it was the cooks, or the creatures themselves, these little guys were quite tasty.

Eating CuttlefishEating Cuttlefish

What do you think? Would you try Cuttlefish?



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