Swan Paddle Boats in Geoje

About two weeks ago, Jared and I reserved today (Saturday) to be a date day. Our original plans were to go to the beach, set up our hammocks, and soak in some sunshine. However, being the adventurous couple that we are, we decided to see where the road would take us. We hopped on the motorcycle, and headed out to explore the island. Who knew we would end up riding Swan Paddle Boats in Geoje?

Geoje South KoreaIMG_2888

One road led to the next, and we found ourselves riding around this cute little lake.

IMG_2886Geoje South Korea English Teachers

We noticed some swan paddle boats floating around, and we couldn’t resist giving it a try.


Doesn’t that look like fun?

Geoje, South KoreaGeoje, South KoreaSwan Paddle Boats in GeojeSwan Paddle Boats in Geoje

Our very first date was on a paddle boat, so they kind of hold a special place in our hearts.

Swan Paddle Boats in Geoje

It was such a gorgeous day, and the weather was perfect!

Geoje South Korea Swan Paddle Boat

We had so much fun!

We got back on our motorcycle, and headed off to our next adventure… We ended up finding a temple.

Geoje South Korea Temple

After the short temple visit, we found a road that wound up a mountain.

Geoje South Korea MotorcycleGeoje South Korea

After we got half way up the mountain, things started to look a little familiar. We very soon realized that we were just over the mountain from our hometown! Actually, we have hiked, and biked up this very mountain before, except from the opposite side! Here we were thinking we were out exploring to the ends of the earth, and it turns out that we are just on the other side of the mountain ridge!

We went back down the way we came and headed towards Gujora Beach. Do you see all the tents? No, they aren’t camping. Koreans go to the beach to have fun and avoid the sun at all costs. Thus the tents, and umbrellas (and they wear pants and long sleeve shirts!).

Geoje South Korea Beach

The beach was beautiful, and we were also able to meet up with some friends and soak up some vitamin D!

Geoje South Korea Beach

Would you ride a swan if you got the chance?


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