50 Things I Love About My Mom

 To my loving, God-fearing, and amazing mother: 50 Things I Love About My Mom

50 Things I Love About My Mom

  1. I love that you raised me to believe in myself…
  2. To believe I could make a difference in this world.
  3. I love that you raised me to be a dreamer…
  4. And to dream endlessly.
  5. I love that you always dress up for Dad before he comes home from work…
  6. And that you run and kiss him when he walks in the door.
  7. I love your relationship with God…
  8. I love that you taught me to love Jesus the way you love Jesus.
  9. I love that you had me memorize the Sermon on the Mount… along with many other passages.
  10. And that you gave up your career and dreams to raise your family.
  11. I love that you cared enough about your children that you dedicated your life to giving them the best education in the world.
  12. I love that you packed your bags and traveled all over Europe with me… just so I could achieve my dream.
  13. I love the way you look at Dad.
  14. The way you respect, admire, and adore him.
  15. I love that family always comes first in your life…
  16. And that you’d do anything to help them.
  17. I love that you research everything.
  18. I love that we got our belly-buttons pierced together! (Who has a mother that would do that with them!?!)
  19. I love that you love being healthy…
  20. And that you raised me to be healthy.
  21. On the healthy note–I love that you:
  22. Always had us eat whole grain…
  23. And grind flour to make whole wheat bread.
  24. That you taught me to cook… healthily.
  25. Always had us plant a huge garden.
  26. I love that you’re in great physical shape…
  27. And that you exercise nearly every day of the week.
  28. I love that you read us missionary biographies for school…
  29. And that you had us read the Bible everyday.
  30. I love that you were open with me about mistakes that you made so that I could learn from them without repeating them.
  31. I love that you had the courage to let Chelsie and I travel to Mexico for 6 weeks while we were only 12 and 14 years of age…
  32. And that the next year you let us to go China on a missions trip to the underground Church.
  33. I love that you don’t care what other people think of you…
  34. And I hope I can become more like that.
  35. I love that you gave Jared and I the book “Sheet Music” before we got married… (And that it made our honeymoon unforgettable!)
  36. I love how much you love horses…
  37. And that you gave up your passion for horses when God asked for it.
  38. Even though that meant I had to sell my horses too; I’m glad you listened and shared that valuable lesson with me.
  39. I love that you have a horse again, and I can’t wait to get one and go riding with you when I get home.
  40. I love that you’ve supported all of my dreams…
  41. Even when it meant watching me box in a ring. (Thanks for cheering me on at all of my fights!)
  42. As much as I disliked the process, I love that you prepared me to be a wife…
  43. By teaching me to cook, sew, clean, and how to honor my future husband.
  44. I love that you’re a great business woman…
  45. And that you have a huge heart for our community’s well being.
  46. I love that you always pray for us kids…
  47. And that you love us no matter what.
  48. I love you Mom…
  49. You’re a Proverbs 31 Woman, mom…
  50. And I can only hope to be more like you every day.

Thank you for all you’ve done for me… I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!


FamilyWhat do you love about your mom?



2 thoughts on “50 Things I Love About My Mom

  1. Wow Amber….I can’t stop crying. Leave it to my Amber to come up with a priceless gift for her mom while half way around the world. You never stop amazing me. I love you so much! Thank you.

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