Bubble Tea in Busan

Yesterday was Memorial Day for Korea, and even though it was a Thursday, we still enjoyed our time off. Jared headed off to have fun with his guy friends, and I went with Amanda to Busan for some much needed girl time.

We had fun chatting, shopping, and eating! As we were on our way back to the bus station, Amanda spotted a sign for bubble tea.

Bubble Tea in Busan

The first time I was introduced to bubble tea was through my sister and her husband who had been hooked on it since their time in Korea. However, I had totally forgotten about this delicious drink that moment.

Bubble Tea in Busan

At this point, you might be asking yourself, what is bubble tea? Bubble tea is a Taiwanses “tea-based” beverage. It is usually a mixture of a tea, fruit and/or milk, and large, dark-colored tapioca balls which sink to the bottom. It is often blended with ice to give it more of a milkshake/smoothie consistency. Strawberry has always been my favorite flavor and fruit, so of course, I went with that! And it didn’t let me down.

Bubble Tea in Busan

Bubble Tea in Busan

The tapioca balls are soft, gooey, flavorless balls that you sip up in a large straw that is served with the “tea-shake”. Not only was it delicious, but it was fun to drink! It tasted like a less-dense version of a strawberry milkshake that had a tapioca ball to chew on with each sip.

Bubble Tea in Busan Bubble Tea in Busan

Oh, the café also offered several choices of cheesecake, including green tea! (Check out the time we visited the green tea fields of Korea.)

Bubble Tea in Busan

If you see this shop next time you are entering the Busan subway station from the bus station, stop by and order yourself some bubble tea, and maybe a slice of green tea cheesecake to go along with it!

Bubble Tea in Busan

What flavors of bubble tea have you tried, and which was your favorite?


6 thoughts on “Bubble Tea in Busan

  1. They look so good – a perfect drink on a hot day. I love the strange texture of the flavorless balls of goo as well. Blueberry is my fav flavor.:)

  2. We have Pho shops in Denver and surrounding areas that serve this delicious drink! I think my favorite part is the tapioca balls for sure but the fun fruity flavors are always a treat! I’ve tried to have them use my reusable cups, but they don’t like to. Still, a delicious treat!

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