Classic English T-Shirts in Korea

I went to the market the other day, and I came across some interesting t-shirts that I though I’d share with you all. Since English is very popular in Korea, they put words and phrases on signs and t-shirts. Sometimes they make sense, and sometimes I just wonder…

Korean T-Shirt: When tired of life, what was once

Old Classic Watch T-Shirt: Car registration is here somewhere in the glove compartment. I combed the house for the missing wrist watch.

Korean T-Shirt: Old Classic Watch

I think most Koreans would read Leg End instead of legend.

Korean T-Shirt: LEG END

This is one they got right, and I really liked it…

Korean T-Shirt: Beards really grow on you

I guess this is an actual vintage sign, but still….

Korean T-Shirt: Carwash Best Hand Job

Interesting Good Friends…

Korean T-Shirt: Interesting Good Friends Monkey

Beverage: They don’t sell any alcoholic beverage. Water is the number one doctor-recommended beverage for summer hydration.

Korean T-Shirt: Beverage

He wore blue jeans and sneakers…

Korean T-Shirt: He wore blue jeans and sneakers


Korean T-Shirt: We Denim Light

A classic shirt.

Korean T-Shirt: "Me"

They got the Charlie Chaplin quote, but it’s oddly spaced.


I’ve yet to see a good Korean attempt at making a “vintage” t-shirt.

Korean T-Shirt: Vintage Fine Weather Today


Korean T-Shirt: Awesome Player

Is there a Little France in NYC?

Korean T-Shirt: Little France New York City


Korean T-Shirt: Rose

Classic Korean conception of a motorcycle.

Korean T-Shirt: Motor Cycle

And the last one…

Korean T-Shirt: About a Girl

Which one was your favorite? I am thinking about getting one as a souvenir… Any suggestions?

I hope you all enjoyed these classic English t-shirts in Korea. Stay tuned for more!


12 thoughts on “Classic English T-Shirts in Korea

  1. This is a really cool blog post 🙂 I like the beard illustration. And my favorite random-it-makes-no-sense one is the legend shirt, because I too read Leg End. Hahaha!!!

  2. These made me laugh! I think I like the first one. “When tired of life, what was once.” Whaaat?? It’s so senseless! Thanks for the fun!


  3. funny. I am learning so much while you guys are there!
    No wait. I am also getting confused. I still can’t grasp very well the birthday issue Jared was telling me about last night!

  4. Hmmm. It’s a tough one. I’m between the fabulous ‘sneakers’ t-shirt and the doctor’s advice about drinking water. My favourite random tshirt was one I saw in Vietnam just saying vintage in massive letters across the back. Fairly normal, you’re thinking. Apart from they got the V and T the wrong way round, so it actually said TINVAGE. Classic.

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