Vintage Crafts: Birthday Decor and Jewelry

Well, rainy season is starting in Korea, and to me, that means crafting season! I’ve been quite productive in terms of DIY projects in the past week, so I thought I’d share my vintage crafts with you all.

It started with making a few decor pieces for a friend’s birthday, and then it lead to jewelry.

Living in Korea, you have to get creative with your crafts. Since they don’t have a Hobby Lobby or Michaels, you’ve just got to make due with what they offer–such as paper. Korea has an abundance of paper, and I took advantage of this while crafting last week.

DIY Birthday Vintage Hat

A paper triangle sign.

Vintage Birthday banner DIY Paper pinwheel flowers in a decorated old beer bottle.

Vintage crafts -- pinwheel flowers Earrings…

Vintage crafts -- earrings And a bracelet to match them.

Vintage crafts -- earrings and bracelet Another bracelet.

Vintage crafts -- rose braid bracelet These ones turned out to be my favorite!

Vintage crafts -- wrap bracelets Oh, I also polkadoted a pair of skinnies!

Vintage crafts -- polkadot diy skinnies And did a girly manicure!

Vintage crafts -- a girly manicure Stay tuned for some tutorials on a few of these projects. Feel free to request a tutorial if there’s something you want to make!


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