Coupling in Korea

In Korea, it is common to see “couples,” especially a boyfriend/girlfriend dressing the same. Yes, matching. The same shoes, shorts, shirts, and even undergarments (no, you don’t see this, but you see “couple” undergarments in the stores!). If you want to see a few examples, check out Maddie’s post on coupling. Anyway, as a part of celebrating our anniversary in Korea, we decided to adopt this tradition for the day. Our students were quite amused since this isn’t very popular among foreigners. To be honest, I quite enjoyed this coupling experience! It was fun to walk around town and while our clothes shouted “we’re a couple.”

I was even able to get Jared to take some pictures of us that day. Enjoy!

Coupling in Korea Our Anniversary Photos Our Anniversary Photos The English Travelers Coupling in Korea

Coupling in Korea

Oh, did you not believe me about the matching undergarments? I’ve managed to snap a few pictures… I asked Jared about the pink ones, but he doesn’t seem to want to go that far with the whole coupling thing!

Matching Undergarments in Korea

Matching Undergarments in Korea

Okay, time to be honest… Would you wear coupling undergarments?!


6 thoughts on “Coupling in Korea

  1. I think this is one of the most entertaining posts I’ve read in a while! I was laughing so hard telling my husband. The matching underwear is the best bit!!

  2. I love this post. I have seen a few couples that dress this way and I find it really weird. I don’t think I ever could do it though. Love the undergarments though. Wonder what my boyfriend would think if I brought something like that home.

    • Thanks Kayleigh! I actually bought the undergarments for a couple I know who are getting married! I’ve asked my husband about wearing them but from his responses, I know I’d just be wasting my money :)…

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