Papingsu — A Summer Korean Dessert

A while back, our friend Tarria introduced us to a delicious Korean summer dessert — Papingsu. There are many forms of Papingsu, and we’ve tried several of them, but the first one we tried was Green Tea Papingsu. Papingsu is basically shaved ice with condensed milk poured on top and various other toppings… Some forms of Papingsu are topped with cereal, red beans, fruit, ice cream, whipping cream, or a combination of such toppings. Each café has it’s own Papingsu recipe–so all you need to do is find your favorite version, and keep going back. As I mentioned earlier, this is a seasonal dessert and it is usually only served in the Summer.

We went to the Black Bean Café, and tried their version of Papingsu.

The Black Bean Café in Gohyeon

Their version of Papingsu was topped with powdered green tea, red beans, almonds, and vanilla ice cream.


Papingsu at Black Bean Café in GeojePapingsu at Black Bean Café in GeojePapingsu at Black Bean Café in Geoje

Oh, another awesome fact about this café are the restrooms… this is a bit strange, but I was so impressed that I snapped a quick picture before entering.

The Black Bean Café in Geoje

On our way back to our apartment, we meandered through the streets of our town, and Jared snapped a few pictures.


Geoje at Night Geoje at Night

I can’t help but browse through some of the street sales.

Night Shopping in Geoje Geoje at Night

Tarria talked us into getting some street-fried-squid. I didn’t really care for it.

Street Food in GeojeStreet Food in Geoje Shopping in Geoje at Night Geoje South Korea at Night

Well, that’s it for now… A little glimpse of a night out in our little town.

What do you think of Papingsu? Would you, or have you tried it?


4 thoughts on “Papingsu — A Summer Korean Dessert

  1. I would love to try Papingsu! It sounds super tasty. A little like shaved ice in Hawaii where they put ice cream on top. Although, I am still not sure with red beans on top…

    And your town looks so different at night! I love the photos of it all lit up. 🙂

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