Snail Mail From Belgium

I’m so sorry this post is late, but here it is! Last week, I received a lovely package from Belgium. I joined the Snail Mail Collective in July, and I’m so glad I did. Melyssa and Chelsea put together this amazing idea to sign up for a snail mail swap with different people from around the world. At the beginning of each month, Melyssa and Chelsea will post a link where you can sign up for the Snail Mail Collective. You will be paired with someone else, and you will have a few weeks to get to know them. After you know your partner, you send them a little gift from your country! What a great idea, right?

I was paired with the lovely Michelle from Very Hungry Explorer. She is an expat living in Belgium who loves traveling. She’s been all over the world, and I’ve enjoyed reading about her adventures and seeing her pictures.

Snail Mail Collective
I was overly excited as I ripped open the package that had traveled from Belgium to South Korea. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that she had sent me real. Belgium. chocolate! Yum! Yes, I’ve eaten every drop already. She also included a Brussels magnet, a few postcards, and a Manneken Pis coin purse. While traveling through Europe in 2007, I actually stayed in Belgium for a few days. I loved being reminded of the Belgium culture and sites.
Gifts from Belgium
Belgium Chocolate
I went to this square right after Christmas time. It was night and everything was gorgeously light up! It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.
One of my favorite parts about Belgium was the people. They were so kind and helpful. Everyone seemed to be happy and willing to help, especially the gentlemen. Of course, much of their charm was also intended to woo you into coming to their restaurant that day.
Belgium Post Card

Thank you Michelle for the lovely package that brought back so many memories. And thank you Chelsea and Melyssa for this lovely opportunity. If you think you’d like to participate in the Snail Mail Collective, than click here. The next installment will be starting at the beginning of September.


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