Seoraksan National Park Round 2

Over Chuseok (Korea’s version of Thanksgiving), we took a trip up north to Seoraksan National Park. This was actually our second time to Seoraksan. It’s an absolutely beautiful park, and we are so happy that we made a second trip up. (Click to read about our first trip.)

We left after work on Tuesday evening, and met our friends Ethan and Sandra at a campsite they had picked out. Over the next three days, we hiked and hiked. We did several different routes, saw beautiful scenery, and had a great time enjoying God’s beautiful nature.

A large buddha statue greets you near the entrance of the park.

Seoraksan Seoraksan

We opted out on the cable car option, and decided to do all of the hiking with our own feet.

Seoraksan Seoraksan

Our first hike lead us up to a cave in the middle of this huge rock face.

Seoraksan Cave

Little did we know that there was a mini-temple inside of the cave. Judging by the mat and cooler inside the opening of the cave, we assume that the monk lives up there for a few days at a time.

Seoraksan Monk Cave

The view from the inside of the cave was beautiful!

Seoraksan Seoraksan

We took another side trail, and ended up hiking up to some gorgeous views!

Seoraksan Seoraksan Seoraksan

As the week rolled on, the camp ground continued to fill up as people packed in like sardines.

Seoraksan Camp Ground Seoraksan Seoraksan

Jared brought along his GoPro the next day to photograph our hike.


This hike lead us up a beautiful valley along a stream.

SeoraksanSeoraksanSeoraksan Seoraksan

The next day, we headed out to hike Ulsanbawi– beautiful mountain ridge in Seoraksan.


Ulsanbawi is a very popular hike in Seoraksan, and unlike the previous days, we were surrounded by crowds of people eager to hike up this popular trail.


Seoraksan Seoraksan Seoraksan

It was beautiful, but we prefer to hike without crowds of people around us, so it was not as enjoyable as our previous hikes.

Seoraksan Seoraksan Seoraksan Seoraksan Seoraksan

Seoraksan National Park has been coined the most beautiful place in Korea, and if you ever get the chance to visit, we highly recommend that you put this on your list!

Stay tuned next week for pictures of our trip to Daegu, Korea’s third largest city.


4 thoughts on “Seoraksan National Park Round 2

  1. Breathtaking scenery! OH how I would LOVE to go out there and join you guys on one of those epic hikes! God’s creation is remarkable, huh? Can’t wait to read and see more!

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