Hongdae Craft Market in Seoul

Most of you probably know that I recently started Amber’s Craft Nook, a website where I share all of my handmade crafts and jewelry. Well, last weekend I took a trip with a few friends to sell some of that jewelry at a market in Seoul. The Hongdae Market is a place where aspiring artists can sell their work. Each Saturday, from 1pm to 6pm, artists bring either tables or mats and set up a mini shop for the afternoon.

Hongae Free Craft Market Seoul Directions

My friend Sandra heard that if you register at least a week in advance, you can reserve a spot to participate. Since we are foreigners, it was a bit tricky, but basically all you need to do is e-mail artfreemarket@hanmail.net and let them know what date you want to participate. They should e-mail you back (they replied to us in Korean), and they will tell you that registration is from noon to 1pm at the Hongdae Playground (10,000 won fee). Also, you’ll be expected to bring your own table or mat. Just to make sure nothing goes wrong. I also recommend that you reply with a confirmation e-mail restating the date you want to participate.


We arrived in Seoul a little after noon, got registered, and set up our table. I sold handmade wire rings for a dollar, thin bracelets for 3 bucks, and then I priced each of my other bracelets depending on the materials and time it took me to make them.

Hongae Craft Market Seoul

Sandra sold handmade sea-glass necklaces and earrings with sea-glass that she had collected in Korea!

Hongae Craft Market Seoul

Chelsea sold hand-knitted ear warmers and cultural photos taken by her husband. If you like some of those prints, check them out here!

Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul

Hongae Craft Market Seoul

Hongae Craft Market Seoul

There were many artists who showed up to sell their work, each specializing in their own personal field of artwork.

Hongae Craft Market Seoul   Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul Hongae Craft Market Seoul

I made a few purchases from local artists myself. There was a lady there selling owl artwork. She had handmade leather purses and wallets, and a few drawings. This one in particular stuck out to me as an owl portrait of me and my husband, so of course, I couldn’t pass that up!

Hongae Craft Market Seoul

I also like to collect ornaments for our Christmas tree from each country I visit. A young man made these hand-painted little robots and Santas out of old keyboard buttons. It’s actually hanging on my Christmas tree right now!

Hongae Craft Market Seoul

After the craft market was over, we headed out to explore Seoul, and have a great girls weekend!


Hotels can be a bit pricy in Seoul, so thankfully Sandra found us a Jjimjilbang named SPA Itaewon Land. This Jjimjilbang is unique because you can actually rent private rooms (at most jjimjilbangs, you sleep in segregated community sleeping rooms). Even though the rooms were small, we were just thankful to have a quiet, inexpensive place to stay. It ended up only being $15 per person for a 3-bed room.

SPA Itaewon Land Seoul Affordable Lodging Insadong Seoul

We spent most of the next day exploring Insadong, a traditional shopping street in Seoul.

Insadong Seoul Insadong Seoul Insadong Seoul Insadong Starbucks Seoul

We wondered down a side street, and found this cute little traditional tea house.

Insadong Teahouse Seoul

Traditional Insadong Teahouse Seoul

The tea was absolutely delicious! I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end such a fun weekend in Seoul with great friends!

Insadong Teahouse


5 thoughts on “Hongdae Craft Market in Seoul

  1. Congrats on your first market! Your jewelry is gorgeous- you’re quite talented! What a great idea to participate with friends, too. Will you participate in the market again?

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