Two Days in Tokyo

Japan Korea MapLife has been busy for us, and I’ve had a hard time getting photos up on the blog. However, I’ve finally managed to get the rest of our Japan trip done. To give you an overview of our trip, we first flew into Osaka and took the subway Kyoto. We spent 24 hours in Kyoto before heading back to the Osaka airport to fly to Tokyo. This post will look over our two days in Tokyo!

Tokyo is Japan’s capital city, and it is the world’s largest city… and by that I mean that it has the largest urban area, metropolitan area, and the largest population in the world–37,126,000 people live in this city! Compare that to other big cities you may have been to…

  • New York City: 20,464,000
  • Chicago: 9,121,000
  • London: 8,586,000
  • Paris: 10,755,000
  • Rome: 3,799,000
  • Singapore: 5,155,000
  • Beijing: 17,311,000
  • Shanghai: 20,860,000
  • Seoul: 22,547,000

Anyway, we arrived in Tokyo late in the afternoon and decided to head to Akihabara, the technology/video gaming district. With all of the neon lights, it really gave us that big city feeling. Akihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanAkihabara in Tokyo, JapanThat evening we headed to our lodging–a capsule hotel! A capsule hotel is basically a rows of beds stacked on top of each other. Each capsule comes equipped with a TV, a light, and a little shelf. We stayed in a double bed, and it was just big enough for the two of us. Capsule Hotel in Japan Capsule Hotel in Japan Capsule Hotel in Japan Capsule Hotel in Japan Double Bed Two Person Capsule Hotel in Tokyo Japan The next day we headed to explore more of Tokyo. As we were walking along a side street on our way to Harajuku, we saw some sights along the way.Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, JapanCars in Tokyowpid-Japan-45.JPGWe happened to walk past Takeshita Street, and we couldn’t help but go down and check it out. What to do in Tokyo Japan What to do in Tokyo Japan What to do in Tokyo Japan There were lots and lots of stores, as well as little shops selling anything and every thing.Bead and Craft store in TokyoHarajuku is a large shopping area with a selection of traditional shops as well. However, due to it being New Year’s Eve, many shops were closed, as well as all of the traditional shops. I was very disappointed.wpid-Japan-82.JPGWhile looking for a bead store, we found some delicious snacks along the way… Nothing better than a chocolate covered banana!Chocolate Covered Banana in Tokyo, JapanWe finally found the bead store Kiwa! I was in heaven… but, the high prices brought me back to earth and I didn’t make any purchases. wpid-Japan-Tyoko-10.JPGThey had a craft cafe! Owning one of these is my dream job. What could be better than making crafts while sipping on coffee?Bead and Craft Cafe in Tokyo Bead and Craft store in Tokyo Bead and Craft store in Tokyo  wpid-Japan-80.JPG  wpid-Japan-78.JPGAfter browsing through the beads, we took time to stroll through the other shops…What to do in Tokyo Japan This store took the zipper hood to a whole new level, while the store next door sported red manikins. Things to do in Tokyo JapanWhat to do in Tokyo Japan What to do in Tokyo Japan The boys saw a dinosaur Cardinal’s baseball cap they wanted to buy until they found out it was $70.00!Things to do in Tokyo JapanLate that afternoon, we headed to see the famous Shibuya Crossing. Although it is much busier on a weekend, I’d say that’s a lot of people for a Tuesday!Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan We finished off our evening by strolling up a few side streets on our way back to the subway station. Although our flight left the next morning, we didn’t quite feel ready to leave this bustling country. We really loved the time we had in Japan, but 4 days is too short to see it all!wpid-Japan-86.JPG wpid-Japan-85.JPG  Tokyo LanternsStay tuned to hear about our last minute trip to Jeju, also known as Korea’s Hawaii!


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