A Weekend in Seoul

A few weekends ago, we took Jacob to see Seoul, and it ended up being one of my favorite trips to Korea’s capital city. We fell more in love with this city, and we are going to miss it when we leave.

We went to a couple of places that were new to us, and one of them was Majang Meat Market; Korea’s largest meat market.Majang Meat Market in Seoul, Korea's Largest Meat Market The market seemed endless… Majang Meat Market in Seoul, Korea's Largest Meat Market Majang Meat Market in Seoul, Korea's Largest Meat Market

Meat Market Animal HeadsSeoul Meat MarketOh, yes! Pig feet are a popular dish in Korea. And surprisingly they are quite tasty. Majang Meat Market in Seoul, Korea's Largest Meat Market Majang Meat Market in Seoul, Korea's Largest Meat Market  After the meat market, we headed to Seoul square to go ice skating with our friends at the outdoor rink. Seoul Square Outdoore Ice Skating Rink   It was a lot of fun, but there was about a quarter of an inch of water on the surface of the ice. We were very careful not to fall down. Seoul Square Outdoore Ice Skating RinkAfter ice skating, we headed to Myeongdong to go to the Dr. Fish cafe for a foot cleaning/massage given by little fish. Myeongdong Seoul   A Dr. Fish cafe is a place where you can drink coffee, and then head upstairs to have your feet nibbled on by fish! Dr Fish Cafe Seoulwpid-Seoul-11.JPGCoffee Fish Cafewpid-Seoul-11.JPG  It felt really weird. The best way to describe it is little electrical bites at different places all over your feet. Dr. Fish Cafe in SeoulDr. Fish Cafe in Seoul Dr. Fish Cafe in SeoulAfter the fish experience, we ate some delicious Mexican food and headed to bed at a Jjimjilbang called Spa Itaewon Land. This Jjimjilbang is unique in the fact that you can rent private rooms.

The next day we headed to Seoul Tower for a view of the city.Seoul Tower We took the cable car up to the base of the tower…Seoul Tower  Seoul TowerAfter we got to the base of the tower, we found you can pay extra to go all the way to the top. When all was said and done, I’m glad we went to the top. The view was definitely worth it.Seoul Tower The top of the tower was circular with windows on all sides giving you a 360 degree view.Seoul Towerwpid-Seoul-20.JPG Many of the windows had signs indicating the distance and direction of major cities around the world. Seoul Tower    We will be traveling to Hong Kong in 3 weeks!Seoul Tower   I guess sending a love letter from the top of the tower is pretty popular. Love Letters Seoul Tower Lunar New Year wishes were written out and attached to displays.Seoul Tower Love Notes There was a great gift shop at the base of the tower. Seoul Tower Love locks were a big deal as well too.Love Locks Seoul    Love Locks at Seoul Tower After Seoul tower, we headed to Insadong, the traditional shopping area in Seoul. On our way, we stopped by some underground art stores and made a few purchases. wpid-Seoul-31.JPG The traditional paintings we purchases were painted on hanji, traditional Korean paper. We try to collect artwork from each country that we visit, and we are very happy with these finds. Our favorite is the one in the middle.Korean Traditional PaintingsWe made it to Insadong, and little did we know, there were a few delightful surprises waiting down the road for us.Insadong, Seoul First off, we found an antique shop located down a little side street. wpid-Seoul-35.JPG    It was a really neat shop.wpid-Seoul-34.JPG wpid-Seoul-33.JPG  Jared and Jacob were really excited to find several traditional Korean long tobacco pipes. The shop owner told us that the pipes were about one hundred years old. wpid-Seoul-25.JPG   These were perfect souvenirs.Korean Long Tabacco Pipes We also noticed antique books being sold. Old Korean Books  I love Insadong. It’s very artistic, and I could spend all day browsing the artshops.Insadong, Seoul Insadong, SeoulArtwork in Seoul InsadongInsadong, Seoul Insadong, Seoul  There is a ddong (poop) cafe located on the top level of the spiral shopping mall in Insadong. It is a poop themed coffee shop. Ddong (Poop) Cafe in Insadong, SeoulDdong (Poop) Cafe in Seoul Ddong (Poop) Cafe in Insadong, Seoul    Have you ever drank your coffee from a toilet? Ddong (Poop) Cafe in Insadong, Seoul  After Insadong, we headed out to explore the neighboring area. We stumbled upon Bukchon Hanok Village, a traditional village full of ancient settings and art.wpid-Seoul-29.JPG wpid-Seoul-49.JPGwpid-Seoul-48.JPGwpid-Seoul-30.JPG wpid-Seoul-47.JPGwpid-Seoul-50.JPG wpid-Seoul-53.JPG   It was absolutely amazing to just wonder around the streets. It felt as if we had stepped back in time. Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoulwpid-Seoul-55.JPG    I loved all of the art stores. I really wish I had time to stop by and make a bracelet at this little store!wpid-Seoul-54.JPG  What a great last trip to Seoul, right? It’s still hard to believe that our time in Korea is wrapping up so quickly! We have 2.5 weeks before we head out on our big adventure. Stay tuned as I catch up on some last minute blogging before we leave. You still haven’t seen our pictures from Jeju, or Muju! Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul


2 thoughts on “A Weekend in Seoul

  1. What a fun trip. Loved the post. I could’ve lived without the meat market pics, tho. haha. I don’t know if Jared knows this, but Grandma and Grandpa Williams used to love to have pigs feet together with us when they came and stayed with us in Columbia while she was going to her cancer appointments at the cancer research hospital there. Yeah, not bad, if you can get past the thoughts. Sticky. And I just had to keep scrolling until I saw what the drinking from a toilet thing was all about!

  2. Seoul! I sure did wish I would have made it up there more. What fun places you got to see there. Seriously, a poop cafe? Korea is so unique and weird.

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