Snowboarding in Muju

wpid-Muju-5.JPG Over Lunar New Year, we decided to head to Muju with some friends to hit the slopes. Our expectations were very low, but we were pleasantly surprised. wpid-Muju-2.JPG The snow was manmade, but plentiful. And although the weather was a bit misty, it was great to be on a mountain strapped into a snowboard again. wpid-Muju-3.JPG wpid-Muju-4.JPG wpid-Muju-7.JPG wpid-Muju.JPG wpid-Muju.JPG Jacob had his first experience snowboarding. wpid-Japan-22.JPGwpid-Muju-7.JPG wpid-Muju-3.JPG wpid-Muju-4.JPG As the day progressed, and as we made our way higher up the mountain, it kept getting foggier. wpid-Muju-5.JPG wpid-Muju-6.JPG  It got to the point where it’d throw your vision off… as we would board down the mountain, it looked like there was a wall of snow in front of you, only to find out it was a wall of fog. wpid-Muju-11.JPG wpid-Muju-8.JPG   The night session opened up around 6:30pm. It was fun sliding around after dark. wpid-Muju-12.JPG wpid-Muju-9.JPG wpid-Muju-13.JPG Jacob eventually switched to skies, and they treated him quite a bit better. wpid-Japan-27.JPGOverall it was a great trip, and we are really glad we experienced the slopes in Korea!wpid-Muju-2.JPG


One thought on “Snowboarding in Muju

  1. Awesome pics! I would not want to ski in the fog!! Scary! Shhh don’t tell anyone I don’t ski when it’s clear either! Tee hee! Hugz Lisa and Bear

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