Goodbye Korea

As most of you know, we recently left Korea, and we are in the middle of traveling through Asia and Europe on our way back home.

After we taught our last class at our private school in Geoje, South Korea, we headed up to Seoul to spend the weekend with some of our friends.Big Trip 223There are many things we will miss about living in Korea, but most of all, we will miss all of the amazing people we got to know. Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South KoreaSeoul, South KoreaSeoul, South KoreaWe walked through the area where the President of Korea resides, and little did I know–I wasn’t supposed to take pictures. After snapping this shot, the guard on the top of this building loudly blew his whistle at me. Opps… Seoul, South KoreaThis was a designated photo area where we get our picture taken in front of the “Blue House,” bascially Korea’s “White House.”Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South KoreaThe next day, we had breakfast and said our goodbyes. Seoul, South KoreaWith everything packed into two carry-on backpacks, weighing only 8kg. each (yes, we are proud of our light packing skills), and two personal items, we headed off to the airport to catch our flight to Beijing!Seoul, South KoreaStay tuned to hear about our time in China, as well as our epic story of how we got lost on the Great Wall!Beijing China


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Korea

  1. Sorta scary about the picture taking. I am glad they did not take your camera. I can see people getting lost at the wall. That place is huge. I would tell you to be careful but you won’t listen to me, ha. Still enjoying watching you on the trip.
    Love, Aunt Ruthie

    • Thank you Aunt Ruthie! Haha I wish I wold have listened to someone to avoid that mistake! Getting lost on the Great Wall is scary and expensive after you have to hire someone to get you back!

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