Exploring Beijing

After our Great Wall experience, we were ready for something a little laid-back. A relaxing day strolling around China’s capital city sounded quite nice.

We started out by heading to the Silk Street, a huge shopping mall where one can find any and every souvenir. Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaOur next stop was Tinanmen Square… famous for the June Fourth Incident. For some reason, the security going into the square was quite intense. Guards were checking ID’s, patting people down, and going through their bags. As we were getting our Passports ready for the inspection, we were waived through without them even glancing at our ID’s. For some reason the security measures were only for the Chinese, or Asians. Beijing, ChinaBeijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaBeijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China, The Forbidden City Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaI had visited the Forbidden City on another trip, so we decided to skip going inside and just admire the outer view. Beijing, ChinaBeijing, ChinaBeijing, ChinaCell phones are getting bigger and bigger these days…Beijing, ChinaWe soon headed over to the Hutong Area (very near to our hotel) to admire the narrow ancient streets of Beijing. Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaWe stepped off the main road to find a place to eat that might be a bit less touristy, and thus cheaper. We found this quaint little restaurant that filled our bellies with delicious Chinese food. Beijing Hutong, ChinaBeijing, ChinaBeijing, ChinaBeijing Hutong, ChinaBeijing, ChinaAlthough the main Hutong area was quite crowded, it was fun to walk around and enjoy the scenery. Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaIt was Jared’s turn to decide what to do next… and he chose to head to the Donghuamen Night Market. Unlike other markets, this one is famous for serving everything from snakes on a stick, to fried scorpion. Beijing, ChinaBeijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaBeijing, China Beijing, ChinaJared couldn’t resist the opportunity to try one of these delicacies. He chose three nicely squirming scorpions which were cooked in the fryer after being chosen. Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaDelicious? You’ll have to confirm that with him. But in his own words, “they tasted like popcorn.” Hmmm… Beijing, China Beijing, ChinaBeijing, ChinaJared snapped a few more photos of the lovely area we were staying in on our way back to the hotel. Beijing, ChinaBeijing, ChinaSuper 8 Motel… Chinese style!Beijing, ChinaOver all, we had a great time in Beijing. We headed out the next day to catch our flight to our next destination–Hong Kong!

Stay tuned to hear about the wonderful time with had in the bustling city of Hong Kong. 


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