Our Beijing Budget

Beijing BudgetWhile we were traveling, we kept track of what we spent, pretty much on the penny. We did this so that we would know the actual cost of our trip, but also to share it with others in the hopes that it can make planning on your part easier.BeijingThese budget posts won’t be extremely fancy, but they’ll include the price we paid for the items we purchased each day.

3 nights private room lodging: $54 ($18/night)

Day 1
Metro from airport to hotel stop: Y54
Fruit: Y32
Noodles: Y18
Hiking Food/Water: Y28.60
Total Day 1 USD: $21.57

Day 2
Subway: Y4
Bus 980: Y30
Taxi: Y270
Great Wall: Y40
Hired Car: $80 USD (We got lost and had to hire a private car to return us back to Beijing!)
Bus: Y4
McD Food: Y31
Total Day 2 USD: $62.34 (+$80 for the hired car)

Day 3
Breakfast: Y38
Metro: Y20 (all day, 5x
Lunch: Y46
Fresh Fruit at Market: Y35
Souvenirs: Y53
Dinner: Y12
Snacks: Y26
Total Day 3 USD: $37.43

Day 4
Metro to Airport: Y54 ($8.79)

[3 Days & 3 Nights]
Total Food $37.70 (Average per meal/per person $2.09 including snacks)
Local Transport $71.62
Lodging $54 (avg/day $18)

Total China (3 days in Beijing) = $183 
(+$80 for hiring a car after getting lost on the Great Wall)


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