Hong Kong Budget

Hong Kong Budget

We had a great time in Hong Kong even though it was a pricy destination for us. As you read through our budget, remember that the figures reflect the costs for both my husband and I. Each time I’ve written HK$, that is the price in Hong Kong Dollars. USD is the amount in United States Dollars.

Hong Kong
Private Room/Shared Bath Lodging for 2 nights USD $65 ($32.50/night)

Day 1
Bus from Airport to Hotel HK$66
McD HK$59
Snacks HK$42
Water HK$11
Total Day 1 USD $22.93

Day 2
Ferry crossing HK$10 ($2.50×4)
Breakfast at the Flying Pan HK$207
Panda Ornament Souvenir HK$10
Starbucks Espresso Mug Souvenir HK$110
Metro HK$38
Dinner HK$100
Metro HK$50
Total Day 2 USD $66.75

Day 3
Post Office (sent package home) HK$83
McD Food: HK$60
Coffee: HK$28
Bus to Airport: HK$66
Muffin at Airport: HK$17
Total Day 3 USD $32.34

Total USD $187

[3 Days & 2 Nights]
Lodging USD $65 ($32.50/night)
Food USD $66.72 (day/meal $22.24/$3.71)
City Transportation USD $29.28


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