The Beautiful City of Hanoi

Vietnam… Where do I begin when describing this beautiful country? We really didn’t know what to expect from Vietnam, and maybe that’s why we loved it so much. At this point, our travels in Asia only consisted of Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and China. And Vietnam was vastly different from any other Asian country we had visited.

Since we had a late night flight into Hanoi, stayed at the AVI Transit Hotel, located just 3 kilometers outside of the airport. However, since we were so close to the airport, non of the taxis wanted to give us a ride. They kept passing us up for the bigger dollar people who were traveling further than us. Feeling quite frustrated, we left the airport on foot. We hadn’t made it but a couple feet down the main road when a taxi driver pulled over and gladly gave us a lift to our hotel.

Big Trip 615For those of you wondering what a $10 hotel room (private bath) looks like, here you go. And keep in mind that we stayed in similar places all through Vietnam for even less than that. Hanoi, VietnamThe next day we headed out of our hotel to the main road to catch a local bus. Hanoi, VietnamIt wasn’t long before our bus pulled up. We hopped on board, and after paying a whooping 15 cents each, we were on our way to Hanoi.

We headed to the Old Quarter because that’s where our hotel was located. After dropping our bags off, we headed out to explore town. The city was absolutely beautiful!Hanoi, VietnamAfter walking around for awhile, Jared decided to go Vietnamese on me with his hair. Hanoi, Vietnam I really ended up liking the result. After a haircut, face massage, and bead trim, it came to a total of $3.00.Hanoi, VietnamAfterwards, we headed back out to see some more of this quaint, but busy old city.Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi, VietnamHanoi, VietnamHanoi, Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi, VietnamBird and snake wine, anyone?Hanoi, Vietnam, Snake and Bird WineI had read online that a specialty dessert in Hanoi was egg coffee. After asking around that evening, we found a small Vietnamese coffee shop that sold this so-called dessert in a cupHanoi, VietnamIt was very good. And it definitely made me want to try more local desserts while traveling! The best way to describe it is a delicious coffee topped with a liquid custard. If you want the recipe, Jodi from Legal Nomads posted one on here blog. I haven’t tried her recipe yet, but it looks good!Vietnamese Egg CoffeeHanoi, VietnamThe next day, we hopped on a bus and headed to the beautiful Halong Bay! Although the weather was misty the whole week, it didn’t keep us from having fun. Stay tuned to see our photos of the gorgeous “descending dragon” bay of Vietnam!Halong Bay on a Rainy Day



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