Riding Elephants in Phuket

After our short layover in Singapore, we flew to Phuket, Thailand. We spent a few days relaxing on the beach, but to be honest, we weren’t immediately impressed with Thailand. Up to this point on our trip, we had really felt a sense of unique culture in each country we had been to. However, we didn’t feel that in Thailand, and we were very disappointed. It felt like the country was consumed with tourism, and we didn’t feel like we got to experience genuine Thai culture.

Nonetheless, the food was great! We throughly enjoyed the pad thai from the local street vendors, and the banana pancakes (roti) were to die for!Phuket, Thailand Street Food in Thailand Thai Banana PancakesOne of the highlights of Phuket was our elephant trek. We were on our way back from seeing the big Buddha on the hilltop overlooking Phuket when we passed all of the signs for the elephant treks.Phuket Buddha Phuket Buddha Phuket BuddhaThe trek itself wasn’t all that great, but it was pretty cool to be on top of an elephant. wpid-DSC_0734.jpgRiding an Elephant in Thailand Riding an Elephant in Thailand wpid-DSC_0755.jpg wpid-DSC_0786.jpgIsn’t she a cutie?Baby Elephant in Phuket Thailand After Phuket, we hopped on a ferry and headed to the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi. Stay tuned to hear more about the rest of our travels in Thailand!Ferry to Koh Phi Phi


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