EBC Trek Itinerary and Budget

Everest Base CampThis is an informative post I’ve complied of our 20-day trek in the Everest region in Nepal. We started in Kathmandu and took a bus to Jiri. After six days of trekking, we made it to Namche. From Namche, we trekked over the three passes, explored base camp, and made it back to Lukla where we bought a flight out for the next day.EBC ItineraryOur Itinerary

Day 1: Kathmandu to Jiri via a horrendously bumpy 8-hour bus ride. Upon arriving in Jiri, we ate a late lunch and immediately hit the trail to make it to Shivalaya before dusk (a three hour trek).

Day 2: Shivalaya to Kinja (7:30am – 3:00pm).

Day 3: Kinja to Himalayan Lodge (8:00am – 4:00pm with a 2 hour lunch break).

Day 4: Himalayan Lodge to Ringmu (8:00am – 4:00pm with a 1.5 hour lunch stop).

Day 5: Ringmu to Bupsa (7:15am – 4:30pm with a 2 hour stop for lunch).

Day 6: Bupsa to Cheaplung (7:30am – 3:30pm with a 1.5 hour stop).

Day 7: Cheaplung to Namche (7:30am -1:40pm).

Day 8: Acclimatization day in Namche.

Day 9: Namche to Thame (3.5 hours).

Day 10: Acclimatization day in Thame where we attempted to climb Sunder Peak.

Day 11: Thame to Lungden (6:15am – 12:30pm).

Day 12: Lungden to Gokyo (8:20am – 1:00pm).

Day 13: Gokyo to Dragnag (we climbed Gokyo Ri before leaving Gokyo. 11:30am – 1:00pm).

Day 14: Dragnag to Dhukla (6:20am – 1:00pm).

Day 15: Dhukla to Gorakshep (7:15am – 10:45am).

Day 16: Gorakshep to EBC to Lobuche.

Day 17: Lobuche to Dingboche (6:45am – 2:45pm with a 1.5 hour break).

Day 18: Dingboche to Namche (8:15am – 12:45pm).

Day 19: Namche to Lukla (10:15am – 3:45pm).

Day 20: Namche flight to Kathmandu.

We wanted to do the trek as inexpensively as possible. We didn’t hire a guide and we carried our own packs. Below is a breakdown of our expenses.

Yak in NepalOur Budget (figures include the cost for two people)

  • Park Passes and TIMS Card $148.00
  • Gear (sleeping bag rental, trekking poles, JetBoil, etc.) $202.38
  • Warm weather clothes $106.93
  • Snacks and treats $46.97
  • Bus to Jiri $13.65
  • Day 1 food and lodging: $11.81
  • Day 2 food and lodging: $12.55
  • Day 3 food and lodging: $13.51
  • Day 4 food and lodging: $16.28
  • Day 5 food and lodging: $14.15
  • Day 6 food and lodging: $16.81
  • Day 7 food and lodging: $19.05
  • Day 8 food and lodging: $28.30
  • Day 9 food and lodging: $24.58
  • Day 10  food and lodging: $15.96
  • Day 11 food and lodging: $24.37
  • Day 12 food and lodging: $39.26
  • Day 13 food and lodging: $28.94
  • Day 14 food and lodging: $38.30
  • Day 15 food and lodging: $37.88
  • Day 16 food and lodging: $42.98
  • Day 17 food and lodging: $31.42
  • Day 18 food and lodging: $53.41
  • Day 19 food and lodging: $42.24
  • Day 20 breakfast: $8.08
  • Plane tickets and taxi to hotel: $307.49

EBC TrekWe ended up doing the whole trek for $1,345.80 for both of us. We were quite pleased with that since the lowest we had heard of was about $1,000 per person. I hope this has helped if you are planning a trip to Nepal. If you have more specific questions, just shoot me an email.




2 thoughts on “EBC Trek Itinerary and Budget

  1. I don’t know who said that “small is beautiful” but in this case, I would say that “cheap is definitely beautiful” ! 🙂
    Bravo Amber et Jared!

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