Exploring Kathmandu

After we returned from our Everest Base Camp trek, we took a few days to explore Nepal’s capital city. Kathmandu We hired a cycle rickshaw, but as it turns out, I don’t like to ride in the back of a cycle carriage. Especially when the cycler can’t even make it up the slightest of hills and demands that Jared get out to help push the cart. Most of the time he would insist that I stay in the cart unless the hill was rather long and then he would tell me to get out as well.Kathmandu We went to Monkey Temple which was completely crowded. We found out later that it was Buddha’s birthday. What a bad day to pick for temple sight seeing!Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu We also walked around Durbar Square, a historic area with beautiful old Nepalese architecture. KathmanduKathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu  Kathmandu  Kathmandu Kathmandu Kathmandu We had a great month in Nepal, but by the end of our time there, we were extremely excited about moving on to our next adventure — India!


3 thoughts on “Exploring Kathmandu

  1. I could hardly recognize Jared without the beard !
    Seems like local transportation in Katmandu is as cranky as anywhere else in Nepal !

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