Udaipur… The City of Lakes

Udaipur, often called the City of Lakes, is a romantic city filled with stunning views and historic architecture.wpid-IMG_3991.jpgWe took an overnight train from Sawai Madhopur to Udaipur and arrived at 7:30 in the morning. We bought overnight bus tickets (since there wasn’t a decent train route) to our next destination, and then headed into the city to find a hotel.

After some bargaining, Jared found us a very nice and spacious a/c room at a beautiful historic hotel next to Lake Pichola.Udaipur Hotel Udaipur Hotel  After eating breakfast at the café in our hotel, we went for a stroll down at the lake.Breakfast India UdaipurThe Gangaur Ghat was beautiful, and it had a terrific view of the lake.Gangaur Ghat Gangaur Ghat Gangaur Ghat Lake Pichola View Gangaur Ghat Udaipur India Udaipur India Udaipur India  That massive building is Udaipur’s City Palace. Udaipur India And that’s the Taj Lake Palace… and very fancy hotel with suites starting around $6,000/night. Udaipur India By lunch time, Jared was craving pizza. We got online and found a pizza restaurant that was across town. They were running a special, so we decided to give it a try.

We love going places by foot, even if it’s a few miles walk. It allows us to soak up the culture and the surrounding better. On the walk back, we came across a park called Sajjan Niwas Garden. It was gated, but there were no admission fees. As we strolled through the park, we were so glad that we had decided to walk. It wasn’t just a park, it was a beautiful walking park with gardens, ancient buildings, and a miniature zoo.Udaipur Garden Udaipur Garden Udaipur Garden Udaipur Garden Udaipur Garden wpid-IMG_3983.jpg Udaipur GardenAt sunset, we headed to the other side of the lake to catch some different views and to get a better view of the City Palace.  Udaipur Sunset Udaipur SunsetThe next morning, we headed out to tour the City Palace. Unfortunately, the ticket prices were double if you brought a camera with you, so we didn’t take many pictures. Our tickets allowed us to enter the courtyard and Palace Museum. The museum, which was in the actual palace, was very nice. We enjoyed learning more about Udaipur as we strolled through the old corridors of that ancient marble mahal.Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City Palace Udaipur City PalaceWe spent the rest of our day getting some souvenir shopping done. Jared did some great bargaining and landed me some really great deals!

We left that night on an overnight bus to the desert city of Jaisalmer. Stay tuned to hear about our camel trek in the desert!


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