A Layover on Kos

Well, the time came for us to leave Turkey and head to Greece! After a nice breakfast in Bodrum, we jumped on a local bus and headed back to town to catch our ferry. Bodrum Ferry Going through customs was a breeze… We were on our boat and heading to Greece in no time!Bodrum FerryFerry to Kos Ferry to Santorini KosOur first stop was Kos, Greece. We spent the day there and we were both very impressed with how much we liked that little island. Our ferry to Santorini didn’t leave until evening, so we had the whole day to explore Kos. We found a local hotel that would store our luggage and let us use their wifi and lobby for 5 euros. After dropping our bags, we went to check out the local restaurants. Greece, Kos Greece, Kos We knew it was coming… we were finally in Europe and things weren’t cheap anymore. We ended up at a small super market and found some ham, cheese, mayo and bread–all for under 5 euros and it was enough both lunch and dinner!Greece, KosSince Kos was just a layover for us, and Santorini was the “real” destination, we didn’t do any research about the island prior to our arrival. We were quite surprised at all of the sites we got to see. To start off the day, we went to see the old ruins of Asclepieion.Greece Island Kos Greece Island Kos Greece Island Kos We also went to check out the Castle of the Knights of Saint John. Greece Island KosGreece Island Kos Greece Island Kos Greece Island KosGreece Island Kos We learned a lot about Kos and it’s history as well. For an example, we had no idea that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, was from Kos (yes, I do feel I should have known this with my background in health, but what can I say, I learn new things everyday!).Greece Island KosGreece Island Kos  Just a few hours after being in Greece and we were already in love!Greece Island KosAnd not to mention the food… fresh Gyros… amazing!wpid-IMG_5374.jpgGreece Island KosAs we boarded the ferry, we felt like we were boarding a cruise ship. It was huge and luxurious. Such a nice form of travel.Ferry to SantoriniFerry to Santorini 


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