A Brief Background

Both Jared and I were raised in small, quiet towns in Missouri were it isn’t uncommon to find people who have never left the “Show Me” State. Although we both love our stomping grounds and especially our residing families, we have always loved adventures, especially adventures that lead our feet far off into the horizon. Exploring unfamiliar grounds is something we have enjoyed doing together since we first met. Whether its travel abroad, or simply taking a different route home, we find excitement in exploring what’s around the corner.

Together, we have not only traveled across the States, but also to Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and The Dominican Republic. Jared has explored and visited Tunisa (Africa), Italy, Austria, Germany (twice), and Canada. I have had the privilege of traveling to England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Holland, China, South Korea, and Japan.

Our next adventure is going to be the biggest yet. Yes, we have traveled here and there, but never for an extended period of time. We are currently planning on spending the next 14 months teaching English at a private school in Geoje-Si, South Korea.

We plan on keeping everyone updated and informed about our adventure through this blog, and we hope you enjoy reading about what God is doing in our lives as we travel to other places.

Our wedding day with Amber’s immediate family.


And Jared’s immediate family…



16 thoughts on “A Brief Background

  1. Not sure how long you’ve been in Korea, but my wife and I have been here for nearly 3 years! We’re finished in July, but if you have questions let me know! I hope you like it here!

      • We went once during a very busy memorial weekend and it was packed! (One restaurant had actually run out of rice. Rice!) Anyway, it’s actually fairly close to Busan. I think a bus ride is like an hour? Anyway, Goeje was pretty sweet when we went and we’re planning on going back this spring. We’ll gladly show you around Busan if you’re ever in the area.

  2. Great photos amazing really and wonderful share! Thank you for the likes and follow–returned the support and followed back! Sounds interesting! I look forward to your future postings!
    Be Well, Jeanine H “j9sopinion.com”

  3. Oh wow, my hubs and I are looking in to teaching English in Asia too, how exciting it must be for you! I can’t wait to read about your adventures.

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