A Night Out in Singapore

After a fantastic month in Cambodia, we headed off to Thailand. Since we were traveling during the Thailand Songkran festival, we went ahead and booked cheap flights to Phuket rather than risking the buses being sold out. It turned out that the cheapest option had a layover in Singapore.

We arrived around 6pm in the Singapore airport (considered the nicest airport in the world). We could have spent our entire evening in the airport since they offer a variety of free attractions and things to do, but we really wanted to get out and see the town. After dropping our luggage off in a storage room, we hopped on the metro and headed to check out the evening skyline.

The Beautiful City of Singapore, Skyline View After arriving in downtown, we asked around to see where we could capture a few shots of the skyline. Someone recommended we head up to one of the roof top bars. After searching around a little bit more, we found a hotel with a top floor bar. The view was fantastic. Skyline View of Singapore Seeing the skyline from afar was not enough. We decided to head down to the bay to catch the nightly Marina Bay Sands light show.The Beautiful City of Singapore, Skyline View It was one of the most romantic and peaceful places we’ve ever been to. By the way, ddn’t Jared do a fantastic job of capturing the view?!The Beautiful City of Singapore, Skyline View The Beautiful City of Singapore, Skyline View After soaking in the romance, we headed back to the airport. Not only does the Singapore airport had a swimming pool, movie theater, hanging gardens, and a giant children’s play place, but they have little attractions scattered all through the airport. Such as the world’s largest kinetic art sculpture, Kinetic Rain.

I could have watched it for a long time, but our eyes were getting heavy, and we had an early morning flight to catch.

We headed to one of the free sleeping areas to catch a short night of sleep.Singapore Airport Sleeping Area We woke up bright and early the next morning and boarded our Thailand-bound plane! Stay tuned to hear about our beach adventures in southern Thailand.Goodbye Singapore!