Teaching in Korea

{Written by Amber}

Yes, we’ve been here a month…and you’ve seen some posts here and there about hiking, cooking, and crafting, but the big question is about teaching. I mean, that is why we came over here in the first place, right?

Where do you work?
We work at a private English academy called a hagwan. In Korea, most children attend private academies both before and after public school, and sometimes on the weekends. Academies range anywhere from Science to English to Martial Arts to Swimming. (Most of my students are involved in three or four private academies.)

What do you teach?
We teach English. Anything from general conversation, to spelling and grammar. We are provided with a curriculum to follow, and we are encouraged to add in our own personal touches to make it as close to an “American” experience as possible.

How old are your students?
We teach 5-year-olds through 14-year-olds.

This is the Teacher’s Room. We prep for our lessons, grade tests, and correct journal entries at our “desks” in this room.

These are two of our Korean co-teachers, Sandy Teacher and Claire Teacher.

In the picture, Kate Teacher is teaching one of my elementary classes (each elementary class has one section with a Korean teacher and one with a foreign teacher).

Jared is subbing for Amanda Teacher and teaching her Kindergartners.

These next few pictures are some of my Kindergartners.




Some of my elementary students goofing off…

Jared Teacher with one of his elementary classes. The little girl to his left is in love with Jared Teacher… She even writes in her journal (which he grades) about marrying him one day. Too cute!


Let me know if you have any more questions!


16 thoughts on “Teaching in Korea

  1. Wow. They are some beautiful and happy kids! You must be doing a good job with them. I hope you accomplish much in So. Korea and I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. This is adorable! 🙂 I am 19 and I teach craft in a school. 5yr old’s till 8yr old’s 🙂 I love kids…they’re absolutely adorable 😀
    Kudos with your teaching 😀

  3. Hello to you! And thank you for subscribing to my blog. I’ve lived in Korea for a few years. I wish you a very enjoyable time there. Koreans are awesome and very kind. I look forward to read about your Korean adventures.

  4. What an exciting adventure! I’m sure you are going to have wonderful memories. You’ve probably seen this site, but have you seen supersimplesongs.com? They have wonderful songs for children at a pace that non-english speakers can follow easily. Great for Halloween, Christmas and also vocabulary reinforcement. Have fun!

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